About Us

Hi! My name is Bekky and I am the designer & creator behind Blue Velvet & Co. By trade I’m a dance teacher. Also Dairy farmer’s wife and a mom to 5 awesome kids.

I started Blue Velvet & Co in November 2011 by creating character hair bows for my 3 daughters. I was having a hard time finding bows that would stay in there 3 different hair types. Found this wonderful product that is a silicone slip grip that is now in every hair bow that I sell.

My scrunchies addiction started back in the late 80’s into the 90’s in my dance career. Thanks to my mom for making them for me. Fast forward to my daughter’s middle school looking for some type of scrunchies to hold her crazy curly hair. We ending up going to the fabric store for one colour of velvet fabric and ending up with 20 different colour than 50 now I have beautiful collection of velvet, satin & cotton scrunchies we have today.

Watching my daughters go out to the barn in the winter looking like a cone head. (Only 90’s people know what I’m taking about). My husband laughed and told me to cut off the top of the toque and all would be good. Which gave me the creative idea  of a hole at the top of a toque for their messy bun  or ponytail.

Thanks to my 3 daughters over last 13 years I have expanded to create beautiful handmade products like scrunchies, headbands, hair clips, claw clip as well crochet infinity scarves, messy bun & ribbed toques.